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I'm a serial hobbyist. This means that I prefer to DIY over buying. On my own, I've learned woodworking, leather working, welding, mechanics, and gunsmith-ing.

Here you'll find a list of things that I've made or currently making or things that I plan to make. This could be anything experimental to projects that I use daily.

June 8, 2020
A DIY Smart Lamp with RGB LEDs

I pursued a project that was inspired by an Instagram ad. It was an RGB LED lamp that lit up the corner of the room. I decided that I wanted to replicate this lamp but with added smart features that allowed connection to Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With spare steel tubing from my bed […]

May 18, 2020
DIY Bedside Desk

After my relationship ended with my ex, I moved in with my buddy. My current living situation is a small bedroom for myself. All the stuff that I owned which previously fit into an 1800 SF condo had to go to storage. I've been working off my Razer laptop for a while now but I've […]

April 17, 2020
Why Pour Over Coffee is Better | My Morning Ritual

Brewing coffee is a daily routine that gets me ready for the day. Before anything serious gets done, a cup of coffee must be present. Not just any cup though... I'm not into that instant coffee for beginners. Nor do I like coffee made from machines using little disposable pods of stale and uninspired. My […]

April 11, 2020
A DIY Leather Key Holder / Broken Keyring Fix

It's a Friday night on the day that Los Angeles decided to extend the stay at home order. The past few weeks have been agonizingly boring. Boring to the point where I start finding fixes to keep me entertained. Rewind back a few months. My roommate had started a new position and was given a […]

April 4, 2020
A Giant DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

My buddy and his wife wanted to have an outdoor play area for their child and baby cousins in their backyard. They wanted to inspire art and creativity. A chalkboard was perfect for that. The only issue was there wasn't any buying options for a giant outdoor chalkboard. They enlisted my help to build a […]

March 17, 2020
A Personal Affiliate Marketing Blog

Let's be honest. I'm not a very public person. As an introvert, starting this blog was very hard. My obvious motive was compensation. This goal got me started with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is promoting products that I like and earning a small commission on it for every user who follows through with a purchase […]

March 11, 2020
Smuggling Colombian Coca Tea 2020

Yes, that coca leaf (not to be confused with cocoa) Besides coffee beans and junk trinkets, one thing I absolutely wanted to bring back was some Colombian coca tea leaves. It makes for a great souvenir and an even better conversation piece. The coca tea leaf is derived from the same plant that is used […]

February 20, 2019
A Giant DIY Cat Tree

The Idea I've always thought giant cat trees and steps mounted to walls were cool. Since I was renting, cat steps and catwalks were out of the question due to the amount of holes I'd need to make. Instead, I decided to create a giant DIY cat tree using real tree branches that my tiny […]