My Camera Setup For Youtube

I purchased a Sony Alpha A6400 with the intent of making more videos. This includes all of my DIY projects, my travels, and maybe even some vlogging. Basically, I needed my camera setup for youtube. researching cameras within my budget and requirements. I watched hours of YouTube reviews from amateur and professional camera channels. The…

Bogota Making Things | DIY Projects Reviewing

Why Pour Over Coffee is Better | My Morning Ritual

Brewing coffee is a daily routine that gets me ready for the day. Before anything serious gets done, a cup of coffee must be present. Not just any cup though… I’m not into that instant coffee for beginners. Nor do I like coffee made from machines using little disposable pods of stale and uninspired. My…


Freelance Labor – Task Rabbit

With the current global health situation, people are staying home for extended periods of time. Staying home means the need for supplies. Food, toilet paper, soap or whatever else you may require. Running basic errands might not be an option to complete as of this moment. There is a solution: Freelance labor with Task Rabbit….


Fiverr – Hiring a Graphics Artist for $5

My experience with hiring a graphics artist on Fiverr was interesting. I’d like to start by saying I went into this with low expectations. At the same time, $5 USD to someone in India is about double their average daily income. Low expectations doesn’t mean I’ll accept shit quality. I wanted a logo created and…