April 20, 2021

Brevite Jumper Organizer

Ever find two different products from different manufacturers that go perfectly with each other? I've found a near-perfect organizer to go into the top pocket of the Brevite Jumper Camera backpack. It allows me to organize my batteries, chargers, cables, filters, and other miscellaneous camera peripherals.

organizer opened

The Organizer

Made by a Chinese manufacturer, Evaliana; this organizer is nearly the perfect width and height to fit into the Brevite Jumper's top pocket.

I mentioned it is near-perfect. The corners of the backpack are a bit more rounded than that of the organizer. You'll need to pinch it in but nothing too difficult nor is it much of a hassle. Once the organizer is in, you won't notice any lopsided corners poking out with the Jumper closed.

The organizer is a bit shallow in depth, leaving some extra space. You can take advantage of the extra space by packing a separate organizer or perhaps something that is the size of a small tablet. Here I typically pack my GoPro case.

organizer with gopro

Look and Feel

For a small price of $9.99, this organizer gives you the custom feel without the custom price. I've spent quite some time looking for a custom organizer on Etsy but they were way too expensive. I also thought about making my own but the cost of material and my time were probably not worth it. This item for ten bucks, is a no-brainer.

It's a no-frills, basic organizer made from polyester and it's more than sufficient for its purpose. It comes with two main dividers and a subdivider to be configured for your storage needs. It's got stretch loops and netted slots for small things that tend to be hard to find if stuffed in the backpack otherwise. There is no padding inside as it can be flattened out when empty. The soft fabric should prevent scratches to your belongs but you shouldn't expect any type of protection if dropped.

Additional Thoughts

I really feel that I have a full packaged backpack rivaling those from Peak Design or Nomatic that cost more than double. Everything is now organized and I love how I can easily access my essentials without digging around. I also like that I can just grab the organizer on the go if I want to be really light.

I like to tell my friends its the Brevite Jumper organizer made by Evaliana. You can read about my Brevite Jumper Camera backpack review here.

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