April 17, 2020

Why Pour Over Coffee is Better | My Morning Ritual

Brewing coffee is a daily routine that gets me ready for the day. Before anything serious gets done, a cup of coffee must be present. Not just any cup though... I'm not into that instant coffee for beginners. Nor do I like coffee made from machines using little disposable pods of stale and uninspired. My preferred method of caffeine delivery comes from a manual pour over style of coffee using freshly grounded beans.

Enter the Chemex coffee maker.

The Chemex has been around since the 1940s and its beautiful design has stood the test of time.

There are many different methods out there that result in a cup of coffee. However, I love brewing coffee this way because it's part of my morning ritual. From boiling the water, to measuring and grinding the whole beans; everything single step is important. The process takes longer than most other brewing methods but it's actually kind of relaxing. During this time, I can reflect and plan out my day. Pour over coffee just taste better because you had to work for it.

I'm am by no means a coffee snob despite this article. I just appreciate a good cup of coffee every single day.

Shout out to Colo coffee in Bogota, Colombia. On my final day in Colombia, I bought and brought back a canister of their delicious Ancestros blend.

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