April 11, 2020

A DIY Leather Key Holder / Broken Keyring Fix

It's a Friday night on the day that Los Angeles decided to extend the stay at home order. The past few weeks have been agonizingly boring. Boring to the point where I start finding fixes to keep me entertained.

Rewind back a few months.

My roommate had started a new position and was given a used key fob for entry into his office. The keyring on the fob was broken off so he carried it around in his pocket detached from everything else.

He asked if I could help him find a holder for it.

It was simpler times back then. I had fucking plans. I couldn't be bothered with this nonsense request! Not to mention the damn branding was completely wiped off; how was I supposed to find the correct size holder? Truth be told, I almost forgot about his request.

Present-day Fuckery.

I'm stuck at home and I have to resort to my old leatherworking hobby to keep me entertained. A leather key holder was in order as a fix to my roommate's problem and my own amusement. This is literally the best thing I can come up with on a Friday night.

jordan crying meme

I had an existing piece of leather that was previously cut for a wallet that never took shape. It's the perfect size to wrap this key fob. I had also just received my new A6400 (at a fucking phenomenal price[read here]) and this project was going to knock out four birds with one stone. 1. Make the leather key holder; 2. Record it on my new camera; 3. Upload it to YouTube; 4. Write about it on my blog. BOOM! Friday night plans!

It's not the typical binge drinking Friday that I'm used to but at least it'll keep me entertained for a few hours. It'll have to do. Rather, it's the only fucking thing I can do.

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