April 1, 2020

Greentoe.com - A New Way to Shop | Review and Experience

I recently discovered Greentoe.com and thought I'd write a review about my experience. A site where you can place a dollar amount offer on products and Greentoe will go out to authorized retailers willing to accept the order. If a retailer accepts, the offer becomes an order.

How does this work you might ask?

Retailers are usually contractually obligated to the manufacturers to keep MSRP pricing. This is why you'll see the same pricing for products throughout multiple retailers. However, manufacturers do not control if retailers choose to sell under MSRP. Just as long as the price isn't advertised to the public.

You're probably still wondering what the catch is? Well, I did the research into questions that automatically popped into my head:

Q: Are these reputable resellers?

A: Yes, from my research, Greentoe only works with reputable retailers in the United States. They do not make any arrangements with grey market retailers. There is no worry about fake or stolen products.

Q: Is there warranty?

A: Yes, warranty is in place with the original manufacturer of the product you wish to purchase.

Q: How do I return the item if it's not to my satisfaction?

A: Returns are 30 days from the ship date. Read the extensive return policy here.

My experience with greentoe.com

I have been seeking to acquire a Sony Alpha A6400 camera for quite some time. Pricing around the internet remains the same. Unless you love junk add-ons, there aren't very many deals out there. You'll see these deals include an ugly case, a way too small SD card, software that you won't use, and possibly a tripod that'll tip over from someone sneezing.

I've searched through multiple websites, forums, and deal pages looking for the best pricing. From that, I stumbled upon greentoe.com.

Registration was fast and simple. I was able to submit my offer within a minute. You set how many days the offer stands(2 to 7 days) and Greentoe.com does the rest. Your payment information is required once you set your offer. The payment is charged and the order is processed if the retailer accepts.

The current MSRP for the A6400 with the 16-50mm Lens is $998, pre-tax. I sent an offer for $750 just to see if anyone would bite. Shortly after, there was a counteroffer in my inbox for $875 without tax. That's over $200 in savings! That's faster than the time it takes to write this blog!

As you can imagine, you can accept the counteroffer and your order will be processed. Very cool way of negotiating lower prices. I took them up on the offer. The savings was pure satisfaction!

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