March 27, 2020

Freelance Labor - Task Rabbit

With the current global health situation, people are staying home for extended periods of time. Staying home means the need for supplies. Food, toilet paper, soap or whatever else you may require. Running basic errands might not be an option to complete as of this moment. There is a solution: Freelance labor with Task Rabbit.

You might be thinking that you can simply order supplies and have them shipped to your door. Well, have you tried to buy anything online lately? Shipping supplies to your front door, in some cases, is delayed up to a month!

If only you had a personal assistant to do your bidding.

You're in luck! With Task Rabbit, you can hire freelance labor to help you out. Task someone locally with picking up supplies or to run your errands for you! Task Rabbit has a wide selection of tasks to help you manage your life from the comforts of your own home. Most daily errands are available for hire on Task Rabbit.

Maybe you're not in need of picking up supplies or running errands. Perhaps you require help around the house or office with cleaning, moving or handy work. Task Rabbit has got you covered on all that and then some. Check out the extensive list of popular tasks below. I'm positive that you can find someone to carry out your task.

task rabbit - popular task

Be a tasker.

Alternatively, if you're unemployed and wanting to get back to work, join Task Rabbit as a tasker. Choose from a list of tasks that you're capable of completing successfully and name your own price! It's that easy to be your own boss. Set your own schedule and get back to work!

The Task Rabbit app is available on both Android and Apple app stores. Hire freelance labor on Task Rabbit today!

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