March 17, 2020

A Personal Affiliate Marketing Blog

Let's be honest. I'm not a very public person. As an introvert, starting this blog was very hard. My obvious motive was compensation. This goal got me started with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is promoting products that I like and earning a small commission on it for every user who follows through with a purchase using my link. Here's how to start a personal affiliate marketing blog.

For this blog, I started by buying a domain name and hosting with With Namecheap you can register a .com domain name for a year and get a year of web hosting for $10. That's ass money! Build a website, start a blog, start an eCommerce or do whatever you want, it's only $10. If it fails, you lost the price of two coffees.

Ass money, cheap!

After signing up with Namecheap, I used their super easy control panel to install WordPress. By super easy, I mean WordPress was installed in three clicks of a mouse. If you're somehow still stuck, Namecheap's customer service is excellent. The chat support is an introvert's dream!

Get a FREE domain when you buy Shared hosting!

Alternatively, you can also just sign up directly with WordPress. WordPress has a free account but you won't be able to use a personalized domain name. The next step up is the personal use version coming in at $4/month (with a custom domain). This is a bit more expensive but you don't have to manage any web hosting settings. Go with this option if you are not very tech-savvy.

Finding affiliates

Then sign up for affiliate marketing programs from Amazon, Target or join a program with like Commission Junction with hundreds of affiliate marketing companies. Most companies will also have their own affiliate program available. Just google the company name plus the word affiliate.

When everything is set up, ramble on your blog about how cool the product or service is. Readers tend to be aware when you're lying about your actual experience with a product or service. I recommend only writing about products that you have had first hand experience with. Don't be afraid to jump in and don't put it on the back burner. Get started with affiliate marketing today!

Ok, so you've got your domain and WordPress setup and you want to start working remotely, I highly recommend using a VPN from NordVPN. Work securely over a VPN rather than an open coffee shop connection. After all, you do care about privacy and your new affiliate marketing business.

NordVPN 1 year deal with 58% off for $5.00/mo

So that's how I started my personal affiliate marketing blog. The biggest step is just starting.

Read more about NordVPN here.

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