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As a seasoned Systems Administrator, I know my way around most computer systems.

June 17, 2021
Giving Fiverr Another Try | Fiverr Tips for New Buyers

So last year I signed up for Fiverr and hired two different graphic artists to create a logo and ads. My experience was subpar and left a bad taste in my mouth. I haven't really used them since. This year, when I started to vlog, I began to look for ways to improve the production […]

May 12, 2021
Hao.is 2.0 | Revamped

Much like Verdansk, I've nuked everything and brought back a revamped 80s. You probably wouldn't understand that reference unless you play Call of Duty: Warzone. The Logo The original logo was something I threw together in less than an hour. I overlaid 3 text colors and slapped on my self-proclamation. Somehow, I ran with the […]

April 21, 2021
How to Add Trust Badges to Woocommerce

I honestly didn't even plan to write this article until I spent a few hours trying to figure out how to add trust badges(also known as safe seals, secure seals, or safe checkout seals) to the Woocommerce cart and the checkout pages of my print-on-demand website. It was stupid easy yet was harder than necessary […]

November 9, 2020
Multiple Email Domains Under Single Account on Office 365

I own 7 domains and have an email address for every single one of them. But, I only pay for one Microsoft Office 365 Basic account. I do this by setting up one email address and using shared mailboxes for the other email addresses. Why would anyone do this? Well, if you're a sole proprietor […]

September 8, 2020
Printify Published to eBay Edit Post Error | Workaround Fix

At the beginning of this year, I started tinkering with Print on Demand. I used both Printify and Printful as Print on Demand suppliers/manufacturers. At the height of the pandemic, Printful's production times started to suffer as jobs got pushed back past a month. That was when I fully switched to Printify. I had shirts […]

May 24, 2020
Working From Home / Telecommute | What Your EMPLOYER Might See

With many people working from home due to the current pandemic, productivity usually comes to mind. Employers wonder if their personnel are effectively telecommuting, while employees may wonder if distractions are tracked or logged. Are you really working from home or do you occasionally slack off? Do you visit websites that are not work-related? Are […]

April 2, 2020
Tips for Working from Home in 2020

Working from home is hard. It's a privilege most people are not able to have until maybe recently with the global pandemic. There's plenty of distractions around to keep you unproductive. Here are some tips for working from home that I felt helped me complete my task. Using multiple virtual work spaces on your computer. […]

March 31, 2020
Dropshipping Problems in 2020

2020 has been rough. If you've just started dropshipping, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, these are my dropshipping problems in 2020. No discouragement, just my trials and tribulations. What is dropshipping? A dropshipping business is when a website sells a product that it does not produce or hold inventory for. Instead, […]