April 28, 2020

Going On a Cruise on Pacific Coast Highway

Like others, I've been stuck at home(for the most part) for the past few weeks due to the pandemic. In the US, all nonessential businesses [as defined by our lovely government] are closed. There aren't very many options for going out or having fun. The most exciting thing to do by myself is going on a cruise.

I drove to Santa Monica to pick up a used tripod that I found on OfferUp. It was such a pretty day and the weather was so amazing that I did not want to turn around. The drive resulted in me cruising up Pacific Coast Highway all the way to Oxnard.

My quick trip to Santa Monica was supposed to be 50 miles round trip. It actually turned into 200+ miles round trip that took about 5 hours.

Live vicariously through me as I cruise down PCH from Oxnard through Malibu and finally to Santa Monica. Video below:

I love going on a cruise, it's something I've been doing since I got my driver's license. It's the only traveling I can do at this time. And without the required mask cover or dealing with people.

Not to be too cliche or Fast and Furious-Esque, cruising around relaxes my mind and allows me to destress. Driving aimlessly is fun. Especially without the typical LA traffic. In fact, there are almost no cars on the road due to people staying at home.

Unfortunately, at this time, I no longer own a sports car so my truck will have to do. Hopefully, sometime in the near future I can make a follow-up post with a new sports car.

My Camera Setup

Of course, the video was shot with my new Sony A6400. Read about my setup here. I also had to use a headrest mount that is strong enough to secure my camera, microphone, and cage.

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