March 11, 2020

Visiting Guatape and El Penon

We decided to book with Ecoventure for an adventure to visit Guatape and El Penon. Our guide, Julian, was very accommodating to us. Originally, we were scheduled to start the day off with Paragliding, however, Medellin is known as unpredictable weather and microclimates. It may be raining somewhere in a nearby city and could be sunny in the next. Unfortunately, it was raining that morning when we arrived in Cocorna. We hung around for a bit hoping that the weather would clear up. Flight did not seem possible at this point.

Rolling the dice on unpredictable weather.

Our best chance to paraglide would be to try our luck later on in the day. Julian drove us to Guatape which was about 45 minutes away. There, we climbed El Penon, the rock that made Guatape a destination. 659 ass burning steps later, we’re on top of the world. The view is gorgeous. Looking down is a man-made lake filled by a nearby dam.

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Oh here's the rock too.

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The staircase seems questionable in safety design but one would assume it should be fine considering how many guests are able to make the trek daily. As you can see it looks like they glued everything together.

After our climb down, Julian, announces that the weather has cleared up in Cocorna and that we are good to fly. Read about our paragliding adventure here.

I cannot recommend Ecoventure enough. Check them out here:

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