May 6, 2020

Visiting My Munchkin Cat

So a little back story. My ex and I split up a few months ago and we moved out of the condo that we shared. I moved in with a friend while she got her own apartment. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep my munchkin cat, Phoenix, due to my new living arrangement. Phoenix was to stay with my ex for the time being.

Phoenix is a furry Munchkin cat. His other breed can be disputed but we were told he's part Siamese. Though, we suspect he might be a ragdoll. He's very social and sometimes extremely needy but he's the best cat. I'd describe him as a lap cat that is very playful.

Before the pandemic, I got to visit him every week or so. It really depended on if my ex was annoyed with me. This is a problem since I'm kind of annoying very opinionated and some people take it the wrong way.

Then we were hit with the pandemic and soon a quarantine order. It was more than a month since I had seen Phoenix. During this visit, I took the opportunity to get some video highlights of my visit.

If you sat through the entire 15-minute video, you'll see that I probably overdid it with the treats. Don't judge me, I just love my cat! I'm sure most people in my situation would have done the same. At the very least, he can associate me coming over with treats. My visits are short and I spend most of the time showering him with love. I just hope he doesn't think I abandoned him.

I miss Phoenix and think about him daily. It's been very hard not having him around. I was so used to his presence that there is an emptiness without him. I just need to upgrade my living situation before I can have him live with me again.

My Gear:
Shot with Sony A6400 |

Zeiss 24mm |

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