April 25, 2022

Auxbeam Switch Panel Install

Auxbeam kindly reached out to me for product sponsorship and asked me if I was interested in creating content for them. As a small-time creator, I was ecstatic about it.

They sent over a list of items available for sponsorship. I decided on the AR-800 Multifunction RGB Switch Panel with Bluetooth Controlled.

This Auxbeam switch panel was something that I had always wanted for my Toyota Tacoma. A single location switch panel that can handle my existing gear plus future peripherals. It also helped clean up the wiring rat's nest in my engine bay.

To move forward with this sponsorship, I was tasked to create an Auxbeam switch panel install video and go over the features of the product. The installation was pretty easy with the help of my friend. As you can see, it's pretty straightforward.

Auxbeam's biggest competitor would probably have to be Switch-Pros. At a fraction of the price with the same capabilities, Auxbeam provides everything you'll need for installation. Compared to Switch-Pros where you'll have to buy additional mounting brackets, a separate fuse box, and a circuit breaker which will probably run you around $1100, not including labor. That's over three times the cost of the Auxbeam!

Do you still have questions on this Auxbeam switch panel install? Please feel free to leave a comment here or on the Youtube video.

Are you interested in purchasing this product or any Auxbeam products? If so, Auxbeam has provided a 12% off coupon using the code, "Hao" at checkout.

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