I spent about three days in Medellin, the home town of Pablo Escobar. There’s so much heritage here. If you’re into taking tours, this is the destination.


Paragliding in Colombia

I spent a few days messing around with Adobe Premiere and a few days waiting on Ecoventure to send me their footage(which they did not). Here’s what I came up with. Shot with a GoPro and a Galaxy s10. Read about my adventure here. P.S. I didn’t realize how much I cuss until I had…


Visiting Guatape and El Penon

We decided to book with Ecoventure for an adventure to visit Guatape and El Penon. Our guide, Julian, was very accommodating to us. Originally, we were scheduled to start the day off with Paragliding, however, Medellin is known as unpredictable weather and microclimates. It may be raining somewhere in a nearby city and could be…


Paragliding in Colombia/Parapente Cocorna

Getting There is Half of the Adventure There are multiple places to go paragliding in Colombia. Cocorna is about a 45-minute drive from Guatape on a single lane road. If you’re lucky enough to find a driver that’s willing to cut off other motorists, you’ll get there in half the time and double the adrenaline…