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2021 cross country road trip

Preparing for a Cross Country Road Trip

With California entering another lockdown, my friend Josh and I started to plan for a cross country road trip to see what it’s like in other states that remained open. Besides needing a vacation, …

huntington beach sunset 2020 year in review

The 2020 Shit Show Year in Review

I wrote my resolutions earlier this year so I figured I would follow up with a year in review. 2020 was a rough year. Boy, was it a fucking tough year. This entry is a reminder of what I’ve le…

Brevite Jumper Photo Unpacked

Brevite Jumper Review

Disclaimer: This review of the Brevite Jumper was not paid or sponsored by Brevite. I got back into photography earlier this year and I was lugging around my camera rig everywhere without any type …

nightstand completed

DIY Hidden Gun Storage Furniture | Nightstand

I’ve always been intrigued with furniture that had hidden gun storage. It started when my buddy moved into a new place and wanted to leave guns around the house. He bought premade furniture from tacti…

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I’m Hao. I grew up in Los Angeles California and have lived there for most of my life. 

I started this blog for many reasons. The dream of compensation for my hobbies and adventures. A personal blog of what I’m up to. A simple list of recommendations for other hobbyist and travelers.

I’m a curious person who likes to dab my hands into everything that intrigues me. From curiosity is my will to learn. In the past few years, I’ve worked on cars, motorcycles. I’ve gotten into leather working, wood working and then into MIG welding. I flew drones, recorded action shots and produced silly short videos. All without any prior experience.

My background is in information technology. Growing up, computers always intrigued me. I built my first computer when I was around 11 years old with the help of my cousin. Fast forward over two decades to present time where I am a seasoned system admin. Or, rather, was a system admin. And here we are.