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Bioluminescence California 2020

Welcome to pandemic beach. Please keep a 6-foot distance, wear a mask, and try not to enjoy yourself too much. You’re probably breaking some sort of law. But bioluminescence in California isn’t an everyday event so it’s worth the rebellion. When you get to the beach, ignore the ridiculous amounts of signs that read the…


How to Get to the Los Angeles River Entrance

I’ve always wanted to drive down to the Los Angeles River but never knew where the entrance was at. Scratch that, my friend drove me there once but the entrance was way too steep of a decline for a lowered car to drive down. It was about 45 degrees and it would cause the car…


Going On a Cruise on Pacific Coast Highway

Like others, I’ve been stuck at home(for the most part) for the past few weeks due to the pandemic. In the US, all nonessential businesses [as defined by our lovely government] are closed. There aren’t very many options for going out or having fun. The most exciting thing to do by myself is going on…